Wealth Initiative crowdsale announced

Wealth Initiative crowdsale announced


Wealth Initiative crowdsale announced

Wealth Initiative team is proud to announce their crowdsale. See Wealth Initiative overview.

About Wealth Initiative

Non-Bankable Assets on the Blockchain


Wealthinitiative offers a complete solution for non-bankable assets with the following specifics: Digitization of assets on the Blockchain for provenance and traceability purposes: The whole history of the asset will be known, veri ed and secured in real time. Easily shared with business partners, family members or service providers. Automated valuation system: Using machine learning and big data2 giving a true value of your non-bankable assets at any time anywhere. It allows asset consolidation and an improved portfolio analysis and understanding. Second generation marketplace: Using the Blockchain technology where assets could be tokenized, o ering limitless opportunity for asset owners and investors in terms of equity and debt trading.

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