Veredictum crowdsale opens 14. Aug 2017

Veredictum crowdsale opens 14. Aug 2017


Veredictum crowdsale date has been announced

Veredictum crowdsale opens on 14. Aug 2017.

About Veredictum

Decentralised anti-piracy and content distribution platform


Film and video piracy is a very complex problem, but at its very core, it is derived from two key driving forces: 1) The lack of availability of content at price points that are fair and reasonable 2) The lack of effective deterrents and tracking. is addressing these two core driving forces by creating a proactive, decentralized antipiracy and distribution platform. The platform will be a partially open-source structure that brings together the community most affected by theft & piracy - creative professionals - to help protect that same community from theft & piracy. The platform will be designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to protect content producers

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