Our main goal is to offer a platform where drivers and people who need transport can connect in an anonymous way. Another benefit of this platform is providing more employability. People can work as many hours as they like to earn money.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Adding a real world service to the Blockchain
  • Potential for a lot of business
The bad
  • No Team Found On Site
  • Anoymous Service could mean dangerous
  • No working app prototype yet

A feeble attempt at drumming up capital for an existing idea and bringing it to the block chain in a dangerous way.

The first decentralised transportation platform is coming..but do we want it?

I’m all for supporting a great idea and a team that puts in the work to bring something special to life, however, after going through this limited scheduled ICO I have to call “DANGER!”.

For one, the ICO company doesn’t offer any real information other than some limited potential features of their future app. No team bios or pictures, just an anonymous claim of being able to deliver what its a very difficult product to develop and not only that, but offering such as service anonymously?

Part of the security in similar apps such as Uber or Lyft is in the fact that its NOT anonymous. If I’m an uber driver, I know there is a file on everyone I give a ride to and its that way for safety and security.

Take away that safety feature and you just have a bunch of drug runners, murders and or rapists using TrafficX to play accomplice in the “ventures” and the legal ramifications of that scream STAY AWAY.

Its unfortunate the the first ICO posted to Zempafy.com is a negative one, but I call it like I see it and I would send .000000001 ETH to this time bomb.

Token Sale Info

TrafficX Tokens (TFX)
Start Date: July 24, 2017 – 23:59:59 UTC
End Date: Augustus 24, 2017 – 23:59:59 UTC

1 ETH = 150 TFX (pre sale +20% = 180 TFX)

Hard cap : 10.000.000
Distribution : 3.000.000 in the pre-sale

Currencies accepted = ETH

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