The Memessenger crowdsale announced

The Memessenger crowdsale announced


The Memessenger crowdsale announced

The Memessenger team is proud to announce their crowdsale. See The Memessenger overview.

About The Memessenger

F$ck words, use memes


The Memessenger - a global messenger with memes instead of words. It allows people to communicate with each other according to few principles: -There are no words in the Memessenger, only memes. - Each meme in Memessenger realized as an audio-visual sticker. -Audio presents the sound of meme, visual - the picture of meme author. -If the person, who receive The Memessenger message, has it's phone not in the silent mode, sound of message will play automatically, even if The Memessenger works in background mode. The Memesenger has it's own Token - MET - which is expected to be an inner currency of the project.

More information

The Memessenger data sheet | Get email notification on The Memessenger updates | ICO calendar

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