Substratum crowdsale opens 14. Aug 2017

Substratum crowdsale opens 14. Aug 2017


Substratum crowdsale date has been announced

Substratum crowdsale opens on 14. Aug 2017.

About Substratum

The Foundation for a Decentralized Web


Substratum provides the tools necessary to bring the world the decentralized web. Through their network of nodes they will be able to deliver content anywhere in the world without the need for a VPN or TOR browser. They can serve requests directly through the default browser through our combination of systems. Upon establishment of this network they will be able to break down international borders into countries like China or Iran without the need for special software for the average user. They will be able to use their default browser and see content from anywhere in the world. Additionally once their network is in place they will be delivering CryptoPay which will bring the ability to execute eCommerce transactions using any publicly traded cryptocurrency.

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