REVIEW: Zempa Universal Wallet Pool

REVIEW: Zempa Universal Wallet Pool


One Coin To Rule Them All, Take Your Pick With The Zempa Universal Wallet Pool.


Author's rating

Overall rating

Overall rating
The good
  • Adding a much needed series of offerings to the Crypto community.
  • Less fees and transaction times.
  • Earn rewards contributing currencies you dont want.
  • Own one coin, use any up to the same value.
The bad
  • Seed Capital Stage
  • Team is still being added to.
  • Will take some time to see growth.

A brilliant idea that could change the way we use cryptocurrencies in the future.

In full disclosure, the Zempa Universal Wallet Pool is my own effort to change the world of Crypto for the better, but I am writing this review as unbiased and honest as possible.

You see, I was up late one night buying a coin and in order to purchase this coin I had to spend roughly 2 hours depositing and transferring and I thought, there has got to be a better way. I also wished there was a wallet I could store ALL of my coins in, not just a few blockchain specific coins.

A bulb went off in my head and a flood of ideas, images and data ran through me like a robot downloading a new algorithm…like POWDER grabbing the hunter and sharing everything the dear was feeling in that moment. I shot up and began trying to explain to my wife exactly what had just come to me. I was emotional, stuttering and excited all at the same time. You may have called me manic. In the 7 years I’ve been with my wife, only one idea did she absolutely support and tell me to do it…Zempa.

I’ve managed to put together a hungry team of developers with additional developers on standby, but as the above review score expresses, my team doesn’t have high name recognition which is sought after by many as an indicator of potential success. While this may be partially true, its also an indicator of high expense as anyone with a name in this field is looking for 7 figures to do a 6 figure job.

I also didn’t rush to angel investors for seed capital, which in token sale development could be a deathknell because lets face it, most token investors really want to be lead by a select few and even then, only if lead to something they are already seeing everywhere. They want to be told “This is worth it!”. While I would love to fuel this seed capital token sale with a slew of paid advertising on Forbes and other high authority websites to draw in the masses, I didn’t want to be under an angel investors thumb to accomplish this.

I know I also don’t need $200m dollars to develop this project and market it. I’m looking to generate about $100,000 in this seed capital phase sale to provide the funds needed for the Proof Of Concept, Prototypes, Fully Functional Vendor Plugin and a marketing budget for the final token sale.

As an ICO investor, ask yourself…if you were able to buy Zempa Coins at .05 cents each at 100% bonus, knowing that the final phase token sale will have all of the marketing buzz of your typical well funded promotion, what do you stand to gain?

So, what the hell is Zempa?

If you feel this model has promise, get involved in the community and help spread the word. If you plan to buy Zempa Coin on Oct 31 off of the WAVES DEX, there is more reason for you to help spread the word.


Zempa Coin is not currently considered to be nor resembles a security. Zempa Coin is an intangible item with no real world value and with no promise of a return on investment. All token sales are final with no returns for any reason and all token sale purchases are considered donations by the buyer with no expectation of a return in any way. You also agree that you are not a citizen of the United States Of America nor any other country where the purchase of cryptocurrencies are illegal.


Token Sale Info

Zempa Coin – WAVES DEX
Start Date: Oct 31, 2017
End Date: Nov 30, 2017

.05 Cents Each Zempa Coin

.10 Cents Each For ERC-20 ZEMPA (Stage 2 Sale)

Distribution : 95.000.000 in the first phase.

Currencies accepted = ETH, BTC, BCC, WAVES

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