Launch of Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index (CCX30)

Launch of Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index (CCX30)


Hedge Token, is launching the first official Crypto Indices, based on professional investment-grade rulebooks, like STOXX and the S&P Index suite. Rulebook for Crypto 30 Index will be publicly introduced in the first week of October at the Blockchain Solutions Forum in Barcelona and Blockchain for Finance Conference in Dublin.

The introduction of the Crypto Traded Indices Series™ begins on 24th September 2017 – with the prime being The Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index (CCX30).

The CCX30 seeks to represent the overall performance of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies worldwide by market capitalization. Our index-tracking instruments, the Crypto Traded Indices™, will allow traders and investors to easily gain market-wide exposure.

CCX30 captures over 90% of total crypto market capitalization, encompassing currencies from various sectors. By capping the constituents’ weight at 20%, a proper diversification across the market is ensured. The CCX30 is designed to be a comprehensive and reliable tool for all market participants. Next in the pipeline are uncapped CCX30 MCap – a float-adjusted market capitalization weighted total return index and CCX30 EW – a float-adjusted equal weighted index.

Why the Rulebook?

Objectivity and discipline are the main functions of the rulebook. Investors know what they get, from day one. A set of well-defined guidelines and an expert index committee to handle extraordinary unforeseeable events, the index is built and maintained in a manner that is reliable, predictable and comprehensive for all parties.

Incorporated in Zug – Switzerland

Hedge Project is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, a Crypto friendly destination. This allows the product offering to reach institutional investors, meet legal frameworks, and bolster networks and Hedge Tokens’ reputation in the crypto world. Being at the centre of Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland, gives Hedge Token access to key resources, personnel, markets and technologies.

Investing in Crypto has never been so simple.

Our dedicated team of experts, advisors, legal counsel and analysts have meticulously studied the average crypto investors’ investment patterns and difficulties. Lack of diversification presents the main difficulty i.e. a ‘homemade’ crypto portfolio concentrates risk. This is time-consuming, costly and illiquid, in times of uncertainty. Hedge Token, has been creating the first buy-the-crypto-market-with-a-single-click-instruments, the Crypto Traded Indices™ for investors, speculators, crypto-traders and evangelists.

A real-time, fluid, rulebook based approach to conventional crypto portfolios is what the maturing crypto market needs. Having Crypto Traded Indices™ on the Hedge Token Platform guarantees liquidity in times of stress, cost-effectiveness, security, compliance with KYC trading standards and is as easy as email- all at your fingertips.

Strategic Partnerships – RIALTO.AI

RIALTO.AI (XRL), a pioneer in arbitrage and market-making, has partnered with Hedge Token to provide direct access to crypto markets using its proprietary algorithms and competitive edge. Our complementary business models are the basis for mutually-beneficial cooperation, now and in the future.

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