INS Ecosystem crowdsale opens 27. Nov 2017

INS Ecosystem crowdsale opens 27. Nov 2017


INS Ecosystem crowdsale date has been announced

INS Ecosystem crowdsale opens on 27. Nov 2017.

About INS Ecosystem

Decentralized Ecosystem Directly Connecting Grocery Manufacturers and Consumers


INS is a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates the order fulfillment process and allows manufacturers to join it, publish their products for sale, carry out promotion and loyalty campaigns, and get feedback from consumers, enables consumers to order those products and vote for new products and manufacturers. At the INS Platform, every manufacturer controls product pricing and listing. The Platform aggregates all orders and sends requests to manufacturers who deliver products to smart distribution centers. Professional pickers at distribution centers collect orders and pass them to couriers. Couriers deliver orders to customers. The main role of the INS is to develop the open source technology required for running the decentralized ecosystem and create a successful model to incentivize all participants.

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