Hash Rush crowdsale opens 13. Sep 2017

Hash Rush crowdsale opens 13. Sep 2017


Hash Rush crowdsale date has been announced

Hash Rush crowdsale opens on 13. Sep 2017.

About Hash Rush

Hash powered online game


The HASH RUSH (HR) project aims to turn Cryptocurrency mining like Ethereum into a strategic web-game. Set in the futuristic Hermeian solar system, players build their own mining colony using RUSH COINS (RC) (ERC-20 standard token) to take part of the big rush that is cryptocurrency mining. All mining colonies are backed by real-time hash power. HR players compete in single and multiplayer missions for in-game bonuses that help them to maintain and develop a more profitable mining colony. Miners can join the Hash Rush mining pool to earn the in-game currency called Rush Coins and receive payout bonuses.

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