Globcoin crowdsale announced

Globcoin crowdsale announced


Globcoin crowdsale announced

Globcoin team is proud to announce their crowdsale. See Globcoin overview.

About Globcoin

The currency of the Global Village


Their vision is to revolutionise the access of people to currencies, to reinvent for them solutions to protect their wealth in a new multi-polar world. They wanted to make this possible by offering new tools where innovation and experience come together for the benefit of our “Global village” community. Today people are in a more and more global world but we still think in terms of local currency, they think and live global but we save local! Till recently these solutions could not be made available to mainstream users. Now they have a solution for this. Thanks to the Blockchain technology and Ethereum, GLOBCOIN will soon be able to offer such a basket to every individual on Earth.

More information

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