Daily Roundup – September 4, 2017

Daily Roundup – September 4, 2017


According to CNBC, China has banned fundraising through initial coin offerings (ICOs). A list of 60 major ICO platforms were inspected by local financial regulatory bodies.

According to Bloomberg, Sequoia Capital and IDG Capital have invested in China-based bitcoin mining giant Bitmain. The company is said to be raising $50 million from multiple venture firms.

According to Forbes, Russia has opened its first criminal case involving bitcoin. Three businessmen have been arrested for illegally trading roughly $9 million worth of bitcoin.

According to CoinDesk, Paris Hilton is the latest celebrity to enter the world of ICOs. Hilton announced her participation in a token sale via Twitter.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, a brand new technical conference is hitting the Bitcoin space this week. Breaking Bitcoin is a new conference partly based on the Scaling Bitcoin series of conferences with a focus on security.

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