Daily Roundup – August 31, 2017

Daily Roundup – August 31, 2017


According to CoinDesk, F2Pool has reneged on the New York Agreement regarding the SegWit2x proposal because they do not support a hard-forking increase to the Bitcoin block size limit.

According to Forbes, a former SEC attorney has explained which types of initial coin offerings (ICOs) will be targeted by the SEC. The comments regarding ICOs were made during the most recent episode of Epicenter.

According to TechCrunch, a new startup called Dharma wants to let anyone get a small cryptocurrency loan in a matter of minutes. This would allow dapp users to gain access to tokens without having to go through the purchasing process.

According to TechCrunch, the first ICO unicorns are here. Both OmiseGO and Qtum passed a $1 billion market cap today.

According to CoinDesk, BTC-e has returned after being charged by US authorities with crimes related to monery laundering. The digital asset exchange can now be accessed via a New Zealand-based domain.

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