Ceek crowdsale opens 19. Feb 2018

Ceek crowdsale opens 19. Feb 2018


Ceek crowdsale date has been announced

Ceek crowdsale opens on 19. Feb 2018.

About Ceek

Virtual Reality platform for streamed live events and productions


CEEK allows artists and content creators to stream their productions in Virtual Reality (VR) for anyone with a VR headset for mobile to enjoy. With partnerships such as Universal Music, Apple and T-Mobile, CEEK extends the reach of sold-out shows to the entire world. Using a tool called Celebrity Coin Mint, artists can create their own custom minted coins that act as tickets for shows, and get access to untapped revenue streams. In this way, artists can sell unlimited virtual tickets and digital merchandise verified on the blockchain that can be traded within CEEK’s ecosystem: CEEK City. CEEK counts with several venues that will feature different VR entertainment productions such as live music events, sports events, VR movies and more.

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