Blockchain ICO – ATLANT Will Potentially Crush Real Estate and Mortgage Industries As We Know Them

Blockchain ICO – ATLANT Will Potentially Crush Real Estate and Mortgage Industries As We Know Them


ATLANT ICO Stands To Shake Up The World Of Real Estate And Mortgage In Ways Never Before Possible Until Now

What Is CryptoCurrency?

If you aren’t yet familiar with Cryptocurrencies, it’s time to learn. In January, 2009 the seed was planted for a series of world changing events in the launch of Bitcoin, peer-to-peer network to generate what was described as “a system for electronic transactions without relying on trust”. At the time and for many years to follow, Bitcoin was blown off by many as “some weird fake or digital coin used for gaming” and the world moved on without a care as to what this new technology did, meant or how it would revolutionize the world.

Fast forward to August 6, 2017 and review the growth of Bitcoin and you’ll see that for what used to trade at .25 cents a coin has blossomed in value to over $3,200 per coin at the time of this writing. Without getting too deep into what a cryptocurrency is, think of it as a contract that can be transferred to someone else with value based on its popularity and use while also being able to be mined from computers. 20,000,000 Bitcoins were created and made available to be mined by anyone savvy enough to mine them which is done through a difficult and hardware intensive process of algorithmic equations that are solved by collective pools of computer users in exchange for coin rewards on success. The more users mining and using the coin, the higher the value, however, the difficulty to mine the coin also increases which reduces the profitability over time. At last check there have been approx 16.5 million Bitcoins mined up with mining farms all over the world working away in attempts at valuable currency rewards.

What Are ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings)

With the growth of Bitcoin has come what appears to be an endless sea of what are referred to as Alt Coins, or Alternatives to Bitcoin. Some of these currencies have been created on their own Blockchain such as Ethereum (ETH) and used and mined in the same way as Bitcoin while utilizing an entirely different algorithm. From Ethereum that have become hundreds of new coins created on the ETH blockchain that have been launched through what is called an ICO or, Initial Coin Offering.

These ICO’s draw big interest from crypto miners and investors looking to get in on the ground floor and watch their investments rise in some cases thousands of % over time as the popularity and technical innovations of the development team associated with the coin continue their work. The idea is to launch an innovative tech idea, product or service and create a new crypto currency that is attached to the idea. In a crowdfunding like system, investors purchase coins issued by the company in hopes that the company does well in the advancements of their idea and the popularity of their associated currency grows. Once popularity and demand reaches certain levels, these coins are then accepted to be traded on a varied number of crypto exchanges such as Poloniex. A coin purchased today for 5 cents each can easily become worth 50 cents or more in mere months of ending up on an exchange and end up valued in the hundreds of dollar each within a couple short years. An example of this would be Ethereum itself, which began at pennies and as of the time of this writing is valued at $260 a coin and according to a recent ETH article by The CoinTelegraph could reach $2,000 a coin in the future, and likely will.

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One such ICO that has both excited me while putting the fear of God into me is a company by the name of ATLANT.

ATLANT is building the next generation global real-estate platform based on blockchain technology,
which provides two main features to address known problems in the field of today’s global real estate:

Tokenized Ownership

Listing of real estate tokens representing shares in individual real estate assets and their liquid trading in a transparent and orderly market with price discovery.

P2P Rentals

Significantly reduced fees for both the tenant and lessor & minimized possibility of fake reviews and forged ratings, which plagues existing centralized services such as Airbnb and Booking.

Blockchain ICO - ATLANT Will Potentially Crush Real Estate and Mortgage Industries As We Know Them blockchain real estate atlant ICO airbnb competition

This company is developing an exchange for commercial and residential real estate that enable property owners to ultimately host their own ICO backed by their property and associated variables and put every property on a global market while then facilitating the direct renting of the property (if someone chose to do so) in short or long term agreements (like AirBnB), all on the Blockchain. List your property in Kentucky for sale and your property is then tokenized and sold in whole or in fractions to investors all over the world. A property investor could in effect use this system to buy property on a global level and immediately begin renting his/her portfolio of properties to vacationers and rather than pay companies like AirBnB 30% commissions, that investor will only pay 3% to Atlant.

Read the ATLANT Whitepaper.

ATLANT operates as a custom decentralized system, governed by the DAO family built on Ethereum.
The platform is powered by its core token, abbreviated as “ATL”.

ATL tokens are essentially membership certificates in the ATLANT Platform, which give the following rights and privileges to their owners:

  • Stake in all properties listed through the ATLANT Platform during their initial property token offerings. The platform enables property owners and developers to tokenize property by creating customized smart contracts and perform a token distribution to either sell property (partially or completely) or attract financing f