B-Umbrella crowdsale announced

B-Umbrella crowdsale announced


B-Umbrella crowdsale announced

B-Umbrella team is proud to announce their crowdsale. See B-Umbrella overview.

About B-Umbrella

B-Umbrella Security Service Sharing DApp


the B-Umbrella application offers an online platform where clients and security specialists can interact in order to sign security agreements without having to correspond to any third-party authorization and without involving any intermediaries. The application will provide users with the peer-to-peer cashless transactions empowered by the pre-designed smart contracts identifying the relationships between clients and executors as well as the terms and conditions basing on which the security agreements are considered satisfactorily completed. The universal BUNT tokens issued during the token distribution period are aimed at executing the subscription & membership function providing users with the full access to the entire functionality of the B-Umbrella platform. Everyone will be able to create a profile on the B-Umbrella platform selecting a relevant security specialization. The only formal procedure necessary to enter the application is the online registration. A potential executor will need to fill in a profile data including an avatar, a nickname and an informal description of skills and services s/he can offer. BUNT (B-Umbrella tokens) represent the membership and service-fee-payment functions enabling users to make safety agreements, pay for DApp services, and execute any transactions necessary to interact within the B-Umbrella DApp. They will work as the means of interaction between the users and the DApp providing the “fuel” for running the system and protecting the DApp against spam at the same time.

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B-Umbrella data sheet | Get email notification on B-Umbrella updates | ICO calendar

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