Appics crowdsale opens 28. Mar 2018

Appics crowdsale opens 28. Mar 2018


Appics crowdsale date has been announced

Appics crowdsale opens on 28. Mar 2018.

About Appics

Next Generation Social Media App


APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of a blockchain and enables people from around the globe to connect allowing all participants to benefit. APPICS introduces a new ecosystem that merges lifestyle with generated income inside a single mobile application. The concept of turning “likes“ into currency has proven its feasibility and capability, as seen on with their upvoting system. With full support of and in cooperation with Steemit Inc., APPICS is one of the first meta-tokens to launch on the Steem blockchain that aims at eliminating all barriers for the average social media user to enter the crypto-world.

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